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The Way We Lead / July 13, 2023

ResCare Community Living Site Supervisor Cherrice Frazier has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Dallas, TX.

Cherrice is a 15-year employee who has grown into a committed team leader for group home supervisors. Serving as a trainer and mentor, she shares her knowledge and expertise to better help all supported individuals live their best lives.

Developing strong interpersonal relationships is a priority for Cherrice. Within her home are several individuals who enjoy local professional football and basketball teams. During game nights, Cherrice creates “tailgate” events where everyone can eat and spend time together cheering on their favorite teams.

Cherrice also discovered that some of the individuals in her home had an interest in attending church. She found a church near the home and worked with their members to accommodate these individuals, fostering a welcoming and supportive experience for everyone involved. Cherrice also collaborated with the church group to develop a Bible study class for the people in her home, and this class has since expanded to include others in the community with intellectual disabilities.

Cherrice, you have an innate ability to see the possibilities. Your Attitude and problem-solving mentality allow you to provide more personalized experiences for those you support. Thank you for your hard work!


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