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The Way We Lead / June 5, 2023

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Professional Ana Ramirez has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Tampa, FL.

Ana is a recipient of the 2023 ANCOR DSP of the Year Award for Florida. She has advocated for her individuals for over 15 years, focusing on person-centered goals to achieve positive outcomes. She is known to be vocal about ways to improve client goals and works to eliminate potential communication barriers.

The staff where Ana works includes several people of different nationalities who do not speak English as their first language. Ana has stepped up as a leader to bridge communication gaps within the team so they can better support the people they support. Giving the clients a sense of belonging, she often includes them in many learning opportunities, teaching them Spanish words, showing them different pictures of cultural festivities, and introducing them to different cuisines.

Ana is an advocate who fights for her client’s personal and emotional wellbeing during all decision-making. She has developed trust-based relationships that consistently yield positive outcomes. Ana always emphasizes allowing her clients to express their choices and pursue their unique values. She also works with other team members to recognize and support the rights of the individuals they serve and verifies that respectful techniques are included in each support plan.

Ana, thank you for your years of commitment to strong Communication. Your ability to recognize and bridge gaps between others is important to their continued wellbeing and success. Congratulations!


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