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The Way We Lead / June 18, 2024

ResCare Community Living Site Supervisor Bangela Smith has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Mesa, AZ.

Bangela began her ResCare career three years ago as an Area Supervisor, but soon realized her dream was to take on a more hands-on role within the organization. To accomplish this, Bangela made the decision to step down to the Site Supervisor position, working in one of the more demanding homes where she could be more personally involved in supporting the individuals there on a daily basis.

Since moving into this role, Bangela has exceled and grown rapidly, balancing the responsibilities of her job with her home life and raising her own two children. Her dedication to providing care to others is visible in all aspects of her life, including beyond the workplace. Bangela is known to go above and beyond when addressing her clients’ needs, ensuring their comfort and safety while fostering an atmosphere of respect and dignity. She also uses her strong interpersonal skills to effectively manage other staff, providing guidance while encouraging collaboration and teamwork from others.

Bangela is committed to running her home as smoothly as possible. She has a genuine concern for the well-being of those around her, motivating her to maintain a consistently nurturing environment. Bangela handles unexpected challenges with grace and professionalism, staying informed and collaborating with others while keeping the best interests of her individuals as her top priority.

Thank you, Bangela. Your strong Communication skills have aided your continued success within the organization. Not only did you recognize your strengths and seek out a role where you could thrive, but you have continued put communication first as a tool to provide the highest quality support. Your work helps those around you live their best lives.


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