ResCare Community Living – Justina Lantz

The Way We Lead / October 9, 2023

ResCare Community Living Site Supervisor Justina Lantz has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Logansport, IN.

Justina is a team player as well as a leader to both the clients and staff in the home. She helps to train new staff and was asked to join the STARS Mentor pilot program because of her extensive knowledge and effective communication.

Justina excels in encouraging her individuals to develop and maintain relationships. One client enjoys building his independence, and Justina secured a bike for him so that he can go to work or visit family and friends on his own as the weather permits.

Independence within the home has also been a focus for Justina and her clients. When she began working in the home, she worked with the other staff and individuals on goals of cleaning and performing other chores independently. They collaborated on a schedule that met each person’s needs and now have a routine of deep cleaning on Saturday so they can use the rest of the weekend for fun activities.

Thank you for your initiative and Leadership, Justina. You set an example for others while creating a comfortable and open atmosphere that helps everyone at your operation to live their best lives.


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