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The Way We Lead / March 14, 2024

ResCare Community Living Executive Director (ED) Michael Karaphillis has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Palm Harbor, FL.

Michael received this year’s Community Living Executive Director of the Year Award. He began his career as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) for ResCare in 2018, later becoming a Program Manager and finally an Executive Director in 2022. As an ED, he demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of performance, going above and beyond to reach goals.

Michael finished 2023 with a 99.6% average overall census occupancy and received high scores for all quality and compliance key performance measures. Michael also completed a personal goal of implementing TaskMaster Pro (TMP) throughout the operation in less than 10 months with a 98.1% success rate.

Within his operation, Michael has excelled in employee recognition. He nominated a 2023 ANCOR DSP of the Year winner, the 2023 Enterprise Clinician of the Year winner, and three 2023 Enterprise Award finalists. Regional President Matthew Hensel says, “Michael approaches work with a sense of purpose and has established rituals that have come to define his leadership style. He always takes time to teach others about our business so that his team can work more efficiently together as a unit.”

Congratulations, Michael! Your results show a clear commitment to a people-focused Environment for both employees and the people you support. Thank you for everything you do to help those around you live their best lives.


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