ResCare Community Living – Nora Adams

The Way We Lead / December 29, 2022

ResCare Community Living Direct Support Professional Nora Adams has been Working Smart and Doing Good in National City, CA.

Nora believes in providing the best care for everyone in whichever way best suits them. Executive Director Joseph Tontodonato says Nora “makes suggestions on revisions to the program which may enhance success” and “offers suggestions for new training programs based on the individual needs, potential, and interests of each person.”

Nora’s leadership extends into her direct involvement with the individuals she supports. Joseph says, “She helps to plan community outings and activities where clients can interact with members of the community and each other.” She helps foster relationships between clients, their families, friends, and everyone else in her community. Her attention to detail and the needs of individuals helps her promote ideas that can enhance the program’s overall success.

Nora shows initiative in her position and advocates for her clients. Her Leadership helps pave the way for those she supports to live their best lives.


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