ResCare Community Living – Tammy Walker

The Way We Lead / September 11, 2023

This week, we recognize and celebrate all of our Direct Support Professionals during DSP Recognition Week. ResCare Community Living Direct Support Lead Tammy Walker has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Ocala, FL.

Tammy was recently promoted to Direct Support Lead as a result of consistent hard work and demonstration of her leadership capabilities. She is an effective communicator, always open to suggestions, and regularly proposes solutions to problems.

Tammy takes the time to interact with her individuals in their own communication styles and makes sure that all of their specific needs are met. She finds ways to creatively integrate each person’s preferences into their daily routines and is always involved in their activities, from listening to music, sitting outside, watching movies, or going out into the community. Tammy goes above and beyond to ensure each individual is able to engage in activities that they enjoy and while working to reach their goals.

Tammy believes that communication is important for the overall care and well-being of each individual. Within their relationships, she often assists her clients in contacting friends and family outside of the home by facilitating telephone or video calls. Tammy also regularly communicates with her peers, residents, medical staff, and management to ensure everyone is updated with relevant information. This allows them to work as a unified team and focus on providing the highest quality support for each individual.

Thank you for being an example to others, Tammy. Your Communication skills keep everyone in the know and allow your individuals to live their best lives.


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