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The Way We Lead / January 16, 2024

ResCare Community Living Day Services Manager Tricia Bautista has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Terre Haute, IN.

As the Day Services Manager, Tricia works closely with many ResCare clients, introducing them to new activities and helping them become more involved in their community. When Austin was admitted to day services in July 2023, Tricia and her team immediately took steps to help him thrive in the program.

Tricia introduced Austin to bowling, which he loved. After seeing the enjoyment the sport brought him, Tricia reached out and spoke to Austin’s family about getting him involved with Special Olympics. Austin now looks forward to practicing every week and has become a good bowler. His family never suspected he would enjoy this activity, but they are happy to support his new endeavor. Austin’s grandfather even takes him shopping for bowling equipment and practices with him.

Executive Director Michael Shepherd says, “Tricia and her staff embrace their purpose to impact communities for the better while helping every individual we serve live their best life, and this shows with stories like Austin’s.”

Thank you, Tricia, for helping the individuals you support find their passions. Through Communication and keeping everyone in the know, you also ensured that Austin’s family could be involved in the activities that make him happy. Fostering these important relationships is key to helping Austin and all individuals you support live their best lives.


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